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The paperless society we have all been waiting for, as this and previous publications of Payroll World confirm, is slow in coming. However, like most changes thrust upon us the massive move from what we have been use to nearly always takes much longer than anticipated and in some cases may never catch on. Such is the case for e-payments. There will always be many people who will rebel against receiving details of their wages, or other such information, by e-mail and even for those that do agree the information is then often printed out to be filed.

In moving with the times Mastermailer Stationery has invested hundreds of thousands of pounds improving and patenting its mailers and since the Company started eight years ago it has carved itself a market share of over 20 million mailers per annum. That means by using a Mastermailer you are helping to stop the waste of 20 million envelopes a year.

Just think about it: by simply using the mailer you no longer have to rip open the envelope and immediately discard it as rubbish. Think of that terrible waste because more often than not it contains just one sheet of A4 paper which, in itself is the size of the envelope it comes in.

Those of you who are Mastermailer customers are already helping to save each year the following:

At least 1,360 mature trees or

Enough energy to power the average AMERICAN home for over 16 years or

The equivalent of fuel for 352,000 miles of motoring or

80,000 kilos of paper.

So go Green. Buy Mastermailers.

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