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The days in the office spending hours folding, inserting, and addressing envelopes are over!

The unique Mastermailer self-sealing mailer is designed to be printed, folded, sealed and mailed in seconds. It's a one-piece A4 sheet with an acetate window for the recipient's address, so that when folded it becomes the envelope.

The self seal mailer is an attractive alternative to pressure seal mailers particularly for SMEs as you do not need to purchase a sealing machine as they are sealed by hand.
Four Easy Steps with Self Seal Mailers

  1. Print onto the mailer.   2. Fold in half. Recipient's address shows through the window.
  3. Press to seal - no envelope required.   4. Recipient tears the perforated edge to open the mailer
We supply millions of SELF SEAL MAILERS per year to UK customers.
Tired of doing this?

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